Nothing Grabs Attention Like an Animated Video

It’s been estimated that in the next few years, at least 80% of internet content, including web sites and social media posts, will be video based. The global forecast estimates that the average person watched 84 minutes of online video in 2019, and this is expected to increase in future years.

Some of this traffic will be streaming services like Netfllix, but much of it will be from small businesses to their customers, including from your competitors.

The growth of mobile video advertising is expected to be more than 3 times larger than non-mobile video advertising in 4 years time. And even more important, More than half (56%) of US consumers prefer video ads.

Why video? For the simple reason that videos grab a viewer’s attention like nothing else can. Viewers will often quickly skim a text-based post and if nothing jumps out to capture their attention immediately, if they don’t find a compelling reason to continue reading, they’ll just move on to something else: another page or worse, another site.

But a video, especially a professionally animated video – and I don’t mean a “talking head” – is much more likely to hold a viewer’s attention until you get your message across.

One more point: if your competitors are using attention-grabbing videos to get their messages across, then the time has come for you to start doing the same. It’s that simple.

I can provide you with just the animation you need to grab your customers’ attention and to get new customers for your business.

If you would like to take your marketing – your website, your social media posts and your emails – to the twenty-first century, jut contact me and we’ll come up with some attention-grabbing animations together.

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