Feedback from People with Whom I’ve Worked

“Alex was tasked with writing a security white paper for our company. He did an amazing job consuming information about the product, asked all the right questions and delivered a high quality security white paper on a expedited schedule. He is very knowledgeable and can grasp complicated subjects very quickly. I would not hesitate to hire him again should the need arise. Highly recommend his services.” – Haseeb Q, Project Manager

“Alex wrote a User Manual for our web based application and I could not be more pleased with the end product. Alex will be my go to person for User Manual updates as the application evolves. I highly recommend Alex for your technical writing needs.” – Daniel R., VP Client Experience

“Alex Ragen was a leading Technical Writer in the tech docs team that I have managed for 5 years. Alex is able to understand complex tech concepts and translate them to clear and well-structured documentation. He has the “can do” attitude, very responsive, and knows how to manage his time and meet deadlines. Alex is a great writer and a totally reliable person. Highly recommended!” – Rina C., Documentation Manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Alex for a number of years both as team member and then as his manager. Alex’s deep understanding and knowledge of technology and particularly cybersecurity are were huge assets to our organization, while his ability to translate complex technical content into simple, easy to use instruction makes him an excellent technical writer. Additionally, his EQ and ability to collaborate is instrumental in being able to obtain the information required to complete his work. I would highly recommend Alex for any documentation project.” – Rick T., Documentation Manager

“Alex is exceptional in his ability to understand the customer needs as well as the end user needs. He brings solid knowledge in writing and experience in security as well as other fields. Alex is a true professional with creative view that will help with any challenge. When I worked with Alex I didn’t have to worry, after the task was defined and discussed I would always trust and know he will meet deadline. Alex is self sufficient, responsible and accountable and if there is anything I need to know I am sure I will get notified and have enough context to make decision. I would highly recommend to hire Alex.” – Eran C., Product Management Leader

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